Since 11 years, WOMMs has brought together businessmen and executives with innovative projects, open mind spirit and contacts in the city who want to built also intangible capital



WOMMs is an offline and offmarket business club among top executives. More than 150 events organized in 12 years between Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Paris and soon Warsaw. We connect executives with new environments and we interconnect eco-systems with each other. 


The members of WOMMs are established businessmen, senior executives, investors and anyone with great influence in their city.


Word Of Mouth Marketing (registered trademark) is the DNA of our events and we use Growth Hacking to publicize WOMMs.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Businesswoman and designer

"I'm passionate about people who move, people with projects, with hope, people who do not stop." WOMMs definitely falls into this category, I consider them great friends and allies. "Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

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We propose

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Real Estate

We chase yield 

Global comunication

We communicate abroad, we increase your network and reputation


We provide buyers and influencers to increase your revenue 

Why WOMMs events are diferents than any others networking events?

  • We meet only in exclusives places

  • Registration is personal. Only 30% are admitted.

  • We do not accept accompanying person if not registered also.

  • We do not pretend to have only number 1 of each companies (sometimes number 2 has more power than number 1). But open mind and positive people, potentials infuencers and ambitious people.

  • We do not use social media FB or Insta so we keep lot of privacy and elegance of our meeting.(please dont share us there). Only Linkedin.

  • Only Word Of Mouth make known the event in the city. We never promote with flyer everywhere. 

  • We promote the mixt of business and pleasures.

  • Its not an "expat" club or "foreigners" club. We want people from city where WOMMs is.(we admit foreigners Country Manager when there subsidiary has 15 employed +)

  • Its not a community club or sectorial club.

  • WOMMs is not our job, its a tool. We need it like you to renew our intangible capital all the time and make business with new influencers in a city!

02/2019: WE move to new offices in Madrid!

Last february we have inaugurated with our sponsors and partners our new instalations in Madrid thanks to collaboration with GSG Hub Business, a new concept for top executives in Spain. A place for top level network and where we can organise sectorial events for top executives in the city. Situated in Barrio de Salamanca, Serrano street.

Warsaw opening!

Last 24th october, we open WOMMs Warsaw with PolChamber! More than 220 attendees for a nice networking event in Hilton Warsaw. Thank you to Jaguar, Aston Martin, Pekao Bank and Hilton for the support. Top executives of big companies, successfull entrepreneurs and influencers of the city was presents. ). 95% were polish and based in Warsaw. Poland is next in EU business!


Next WOMMs

Madrid: ambassy time

March, 11. 02, 2019 at 17am

Warsaw: 2d round at Hilton: invest in Poland

April. 09. 04, 2019 at 18am

Madrid, Serrano networking: invest in spanish real estate

April, 28. 04, 2019 at 18am

Madrid, Real Estate

May, 28.05, 2019 at 18am

Paris, Real Estate

Sept. 25, 2019 at 11am

Madrid, Le Courrier d'Espagne day

Oct, 2019

Valencia, Palacio de Congresos

Nov, 2019

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+ of 160 events womms since 12 years


These entities have supported WOMMs in 2018

They are part of the network

They have trusted us these years

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